Educational Advocacy is treated as a non-confrontational team approach. The main focus of this practice is to look at future goals and bring the parent and educational team together to move toward meeting those goals.

It is essential to integrate the child’s future plans and current educational plans. We avoid a mistake that is made often: While families and school systems have the best of intentions, neither party is focusing on the same goals. We help bridge the gaps.

An Educational Advocacy program includes service services as:

  • Attending Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, reviewing documentation, working with school staff and observations
  • Coordinating school therapies with outside therapies
  • Coordinating school goals with long-term planning goals
  • Developing and reviewing IEP goals
  • Evaluating out placements
  • Implementing 504 plans
  • Assessing the modifications and accommodations needed
  • Creating home-school communication plans
  • Helping families understand the educational process
  • Advocating and creating a network of organizations for the family to count on

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