Thinking of your loved one’s future is overwhelming. As with any large-scale endeavor, breaking down a plan, taking everything step by step, for a person with special needs makes the process much less overwhelming.

Our work with families is driven by the plans that are created. We structure plans in such a way that they are flexible and can easily be amended as life changes. The never-ceasing goal is to provide adequate care, independence, and sustainability for a person with special needs. We want to make sure the plan is taking advantage of all available tools to protect your loved one’s financial future.

We offer a Supported Futures Plan. It includes such services as:

  • Conducting a cost of care analysis
  • Determining which government benefits are available and pinpointing their potential value and uses
  • Assisting in learning about legal alternatives to protect government benefits
  • Developing documents of a child’s future care needs
  • Developing care plans
  • Housing assistance
  • Coordinating services with non-profit agencies and government services
  • Coordinating transitions to new environments, including school, work, housing and recreational amenities
  • Coordinating educational services to meet the plan goals

Some of our other planning services include evaluation and guidance of housing options. This suite of services includes a review of:

  • Available in-home services
  • Available Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)
  • Available group homes; otherwise known as Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) providers
  • Available community support services

We can also assist with:

  • Guardianship — Providing guidance and assistance with the understanding of guardianship options available now and in the future.
  • Benefits and government programs — Evaluating the current and future government programs that are available. We educate and advise family members on the tools available to maximize benefits and assist in implementation.
  • Special Needs Estate Planning — We work with a network of attorneys that specialize in working with families that are planning the future of a loved one with a disability. If you do not have a trust, we will help you evaluate the legal options you have available through professional legal services. If you have legal documents in place, we will work with you to make sure they are aligned with your plan and can assist you in working with your attorney if changes need to be made. We work closely with attorneys to ensure the estate planning documents align to your care plan. We will work with you to ensure you have evaluated your legal options so they align with the rest of your planning.

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