Supported Futures was born out of a dream — one designed to help support families in developing comprehensive plans for their child’s future. Andrew Daly, the founder of Supported Futures, spent 13 years teaching students with special needs. Through his work, Andrew experienced first-hand the difficulties families had navigating the system and creating sustainable plans for their children as they transitioned into adulthood.

By acknowledging the need to plan beyond what school and government agencies can provide, Andrew felt compelled and empowered to create a support system for families. He did not want families to feel like they were alone in their journey.

Andrew left education to become a financial professional. While he entered a completely different professional arena, Andrew’s primary focus — working with families impacted by a child with a disability — remained in tact, however. This also was his area of specialty as he worked in the field of finance.

Supported Futures’ mission statement is to help families wade through the complexities of helping a child with special needs. The company offers such services as:

  • Comprehensive preparation and planning
  • Advocacy
  • Partnerships with organizations

Supported Futures has created a network of professionals to meet the long-term needs of families. We offer a holistic approach that looks at how individuals with special needs and their families can be served most effectively. We do this through the lens of:

  • Vocational support
  • Residential assistance
  • Social activities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Associated supports

Our team, with great joy and enthusiasm, eagerly helps families navigate through these difficult processes. The staff at Supported Futures believes in fostering deeply entrenched partnerships over time with the goal of continually implementing planning as your loved one’s needs change.

The entire Supported Futures team is made up of highly qualified, passionate professionals that have a personal connection to the disability world.  They bring a deep sense of enthusiasm as they play a vital role on your team.

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